Release History

New features, enhancements and fixes are made to Driver Planner from time to time. If you have purchased Driver Planner then you are entitled to free updates. The Trial version is always the most recent version.

Current version - Released 26th January 2016
• Columns in Patient Overview and Driver Overview corrected for days of week
• Hide notes area when displaying monthly overview

• Updated compatibility with Google Maps

• Added the ability to make longer notes for each day
• Added the automatic note-making of Drivers who are no longer required on a day but who have not been informed

• Updated printouts
• Improved error handling if database path becomes read only

• Added the ability to distinguish between Driver Notified and Left a Message

• Added the ability to right-click someone in the Diary and move them to a different date as a one-off change
• Added the ability to work with organisations which visit addresses as well as collect people from addresses
• Added the ability to customise key terms and options
• Better enforced Read Only mode
• Added the ability for someone to attend tri-weekly

• Added the ability to allocate different drivers in the mornings and afternoons
• Added the ability to work on a seven day week basis

• Added the ability to import Drivers
• Changes made on one machine reflect on other machines upon changing the day

• Added an automatic backup function

• Added the ability to import Patients

• Added the ability to work with Vehicles instead of Drivers if required
• Added Patient Collection Sheet as a printable sheet to give to each driver

• Added the ability to allow patients to attend on an ad-hoc basis
• Patient phone number included on printouts

• Bug in installation of Full version fixed

• First public release of Driver Planner - 15th August 2011