Customising Driver Planner

There are two areas of Driver Planner which can be customised; the terminology used for Drivers, Attendees etc. and the labels (ie. field names) which appear in the Driver and Attendee Profiles. Changes made in either of these areas affect everyone who uses Driver Planner if you're using it on a network.


To alter the terminology used in Driver Planner click the ? button in the bottom-right corner of Driver Planner and choose Customise Driver Planner. The following window will appear and you can customise the terminology as required. If there are terms specific to your situation which are not included in the drop-lists of choices then contact us and we will include them in a future update.

Two Ways of Using Driver Planner

You can use Driver Planner in two distinct ways:
• To organise drivers who will provide transport for collecting and returning people to their homes
    For example; Volunteers who collect patients and take them to attend Daycare at a Hospice, etc.
• To organise drivers who will visit people in their homes or deliver things to their homes
    For example; Carers who help the elderly or people with learning disabilities within their homes; Meals on Wheels, etc.

Choose the phrase which best describes the core nature of your organisation and Driver Planner will adjust the wording it uses accordingly.

Labels (field names)

To alter the field names for Drivers and Attendees, open the Profile of any driver or attendee and click the Customise button. The labels which can be renamed will turn yellow and you can type over the top of the existing prompts. Click the Customise button a second time to save your changes.
Below you can see the Attendee profile in customisation mode:

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