If you are able to plan your driver's schedules a week in advance then you may want to e-mail each driver to tell them when they will be required. Although Driver Planner isn't an e-mail client it can generate the message part of each e-mail which you can then paste into your favourite e-mail application. For data protection reasons you can't include the names of the attendees in the e-mail; the point of the e-mail is to notify the driver that they will be required to drive on specific days.
The e-mail feature works like a mail-merge, replacing "tags" with information. The tags are:

<name>Name of the driver
<week>Week starting (5-day week starts on a Monday, 7-day week starts on a Sunday)
<dates>Dates when required
<call on>Number to call to confirm the schedule
<holidays>Dates in the future which the driver has notified as days off

To edit the message template click the ? button in the bottom-right corner of Driver Planner and choose Alter E-Mail Message Template or click the E-Mail.. button and choose Edit Message Template. Note that the message template is stored on a per-machine basis, but you will generally be sending e-mails from the same e-mail account on a particular machine..

Generating E-Mails

Click the E-Mail.. button at the bottom of the Diary area.

This window will appear listing all drivers who have an e-mail address. Highlight each one in turn and Driver Planner will generate an e-mail message personalised for the selected driver. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the message onto Windows Clipboard (there is no need to select the text within the message), you can then paste the message into your preferred e-mail application (eg. Outlook, Google Mail) and send it to the relevant driver.


Click the Print.. button at the bottom of the Diary area.

Attendees and Drivers Sheet

Tick this option if you want to generate an Attendees and Drivers sheet. This sheet looks almost identical to the Diary.

Attendee Collection Sheet

Tick this option if you want to generate an Attendee Collection sheet. This produces one sheet per driver listing who they need to collect and the address, phone number and special requirements of each person they are collecting.

Attendance Sheet

Tick this option if you want to generate an Attendance sheet. This produces a form listing everyone who is scheduled to attend with spaces for noting Time In, Time Out, Any Needs or Problems, and whether they need to speak to a nurse. This form is designed primarily for clinics and hospices.


Tick one or more of the three sheets and then choose what period you would like to print:
Current Day
Week (starting on current day) - this always produces 7 days whether Driver Planner is set to a five or seven day week
Two Weeks (starting on current day)
Four Weeks (starting on current day)

Sheets are generated in HTML and will open in your default Internet Browser (eg. Internet Explorer) to make printing easier. If you have an intranet you could copy the printouts into a folder where they can be viewed as webpages.

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