Although you can alter the term Attendee during the customisation stage, we'll assume you're sticking with Attendees.

To edit an attendee highlight one and click Attendee Profile or double-click an attendee from any list or box within Driver Planner.
To add an attendee click Add a Attendee.
To delete an attendee highlight one and click Delete Attendee.

Attendee Profile

The fields are self-explanatory and Driver Planner will function with as little as only the Attendees's name, although there are obvious benefits in completing as many fields as possible. If you want to take advantage of the ability of Driver Planner to work out the distances between attendees and drivers you will have to enter the Postcode.

Schedule - Regular

There are two methods of setting how often each person will attend, you can set which one applies best to each person individually and it can be changed by clicking the drop-list icon in the top left-hand corner of the attendee's profile.

Someone's requirement is classed as 'Regularly' if they follow a predictable schedule, for example every Monday and Thursday or fortnightly on a Tuesday.
Choose whether someone requires your services weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly or monthly. For weekly you can choose more than one day, for example Monday and Thursday. For fortnightly, tri-weekly and monthly you can only select one day and you need to specify a start date which matches the day of the week on which they attend so that Driver Planner can work out when they will next attend. To help identify the frequency of visits there is a simple colour-coding system:
Green is fortnightly
Blue is tri-weekly
Pink is monthly
Multi-coloured is irregular attendance (not predictably repeating)
      No colour is weekly

Schedule - Irregular

Someone's requirement is class as 'Irregularly' if it's on an ad-hoc basis which can't be regularly scheduled, for example the second Monday each month.
Simply use the buttons to add and remove the dates as required.

Alternate Address

If your organisation deals with people who have a main address but who might be at an alternate address for a period of time (for example, an elderly person might be in a care home until they're well enough to return home) then enter the alternate address in the boxes provided and tick the option At alternate address until further notice.

Will not be attending / requiring a visit

Enter the dates when you know that a person will not need your services and Driver Planner will omit them from the diary on those dates.

Customising the Labels

Click the Customise button in the top-right corner of the profile to alter the wording of the labels and options for attendees (alterations apply to every attendee, not just the one you're viewing).

Labels which can be altered will turn yellow and you can type over the top of the captions to change them to whatever is relevant to your organisation. When you're finished making changes, click the Customise button again to save the changes. Note that Does not require transport is a special option which cannot be renamed.

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