Although you can alter the term Vehicle during the customisation stage, we'll assume you're sticking with Vehicles.
Driver Planner can organise the rotas for either Drivers or Vehicles but not both. You would generally use it in Vehicle Mode if you have a fleet of vehicles which the drivers use rather than their own cars. If you're not interested in using Driver Planner for vehicles, click here to go to the next page.

To edit a vehicle highlight one and click Vehicle Profile or double-click a vehicle from any list or box within Driver Planner.
To add a vehicle click Add a new Vehicle.
To delete a vehicle highlight one and click Delete Vehicle.

Vehicle Profile

The fields are self-explanatory and Driver Planner will function with as little as only the Vehicle's name / description, although there are obvious benefits in completing as many fields as possible.

Usually available...

This is where you will tick - all things being equal - the days when this vehicle is usually available to provide transport. A black tick means Available, a grey tick means "Might be available". Each time you click a Day it will cycle through the ticks in this sequence; Black, Grey, No tick.

Unavailable Days and Established Routes

When a vehicle is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or other obligations you can enter the dates in the Unavailable list. Use the calendar to select a date, and change the number of days to 7 to enter a week for example. The default is always a single day. When entering a date range, set the number of days before clicking the start date.
If a vehicle has an established route and always collects the same people (for example it is fitted with special equipment required to transport certain people), add them to the Always used for transporting list (regardless of how often the people attend and on which days). Driver Planner will use this information to automatically match attendees with vehicles if both are attending on the same day.

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