User Administration

You can either set up Users from the Welcome screen or, if you've skipped that stage, from within Driver Planner by clicking the ? button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and choosing User Admin.
Note that in the full version the Welcome Screen will appear each time you start Driver Planner (bypassing the log in screen) until you have at least one Attendee in the database, even if your users have passwords. There's no point keeping users out of a system which has no data!

If you start Driver Planner and you're asked to log in as Administrator, the default password is password.

Adding and Removing Users

To add a new user click Add a User and enter their full name. New users have read-only access by default so remember to untick that option if you want a user to be able to make changes within Driver Planner.
A user doesn't have to have a password but the implications of a password-free system are obvious. Passwords never expire and users can change them whenever they want.
To delete an existing user highlight them in the list and click Delete User.
To change a password or change read-only status highlight a user and alter the details in the Properties box.


A user with read-only access to Driver Planner can't change anything, however users who are not restricted to read-only access can change the passwords and access levels of all users. In effect, everyone who is not read-only is an administrator. This is by design. Driver Planner is not a fortress of sensitive information, it only stores very basic information on each attendee and driver (in fact it will function perfectly well based on just names alone), nor is it designed to thwart malicious use by users. The data files are not encrypted and the information within them can be read by viewing them in Notepad.

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