Installation - Full Version

Driver Planner can be installed on any version of Windows from Windows98 onwards. If you are installing it on Windows XP or newer you will need to be logged on to the PC as Administrator, or in Windows Vista or newer you will have to right-click the Installation Wizard and choose Run as Administrator.
If you are installing it for network use (ie. multiple people can access it from different PCs) then you need to install it on each PC and configure it to access the datafiles in a common, mapped folder on the server.

The Installation Wizard

The Full Version is called DRIVERPLANNER.EXE
We will have e-mail you a link via which you can download the Installation Wizard for the full version. Click the link and choose either Run or Save As (if you choose Save As, you need to run the downloaded file from the location you saved to). You may be asked to confirm your actions; click affirmatively to proceed.

The Installation Wizard will open.

Click Next > to work through the installation process. If you accept the default settings then at the end of the installation you should see an icon for Driver Planner on the desktop and also in the Start menu.

Installing on a Network

You need to visit each machine on the network where you intend to use Driver Planner and install it so that the necessary system files are installed. However, to make upgrading at a later date easier we'd recommend that when you're prompted for the Destination Location you specify a location on the server from where everyone can run it (perhaps the same folder as the Database folder, for example).
Then, when an update is available you only need to install it once to the server and everyone will automatically be upgraded without the need to go round each machine.

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