Backing up your Data

Don't it always seem to go; that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone? If you use Driver Planner regularly and the information within it is important to you then we recommend that you include the folder where the database files are stored is part of your daily back-up. If you don't have a daily back-up system in place then Driver Planner will make a back-up of the database files every fortnight from the date when you first start using it if the option to Backup key files every 14 days is ticked. Click the ? button in the bottom-right corner of Driver Planner to enable the back-up facility - it's turned on by default.
For the back-up option to work, each user requires the right to create a new sub-folder within the designated database folder. This is because Driver Planner checks for the existence of a back-up each time it closes and, if it needs to create one, tries to do so, therefore everyone who uses Driver Planner should ideally have the access rights to create folders with the designated database folder.
If only certain users have the access rights to create new sub-folders then you can untick the back-up option on their computers - the setting is recorded on a per-machine basis rather than applying to all users.

The Database Files

Driver Planner is a bespoke application and the database files are not compatible with other systems. (For example, you can't query them using SQL). Although your database of drivers is likely to be unique to Driver Planner, your database of attendees is more likely to already be held in another application which is why we encourage users to use the Synchronisation feature to update the Driver Planner database on a regular basis rather than to import the information once and then try to update the records of both databases manually.
The database has the capacity to store up to 32,000 Attendees and the same number of Drivers.

The System

Driver Planner is written in Microsoft Visual Basic and uses standard Microsoft components (DLL, OCX files) and a third party component for displaying lists.

We don't have Postcodes here...

Driver Planner uses the latitude and longtitude position of a postcode (in the UK) to determine the rough distances between locations. If you want to use Driver Planner in a different country and the calculation of the distance is important to you then contact us to discuss the best way of achieving this by taking advantage of your local knowledge on how the address system works in your country.

Request new features

Driver Planner is a flexible system and we are happy to make improvements to the application when possible to make it work perfectly for your requirements. If you've tried the Trial Version and it doesn't quite do what you'd hoped why not let us know where it falls short and we'll see if we can enhance it to incorporate the features you're after. Send your suggestions via the Contact Page.

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