Importing Attendees and Drivers

The methodology for importing Attendees and Drivers is exactly the same so we'll work through importing Attendees and if you want to import Drivers you'll find that it works a very similar way. You can use the Import / Sync feature to either import a database one time and then keep it up to date via the Profile boxes (this is called an Import) or you can import the database periodically and Driver Planner will work out which are new records and which are changes to existing records (this is a Synchronise).

Preparing your Data

Driver Planner imports information via Windows Clipboard, so all you have to do is export the database from your existing application in CSV format and open it in a spreadsheet such as Excel. You can export your database in any format which Excel can read, CSV is the most common format. Once you can see your data laid out in columns and rows you can simply copy it from the spreadsheet onto Clipboard and begin the import procedure in Driver Planner. Let's pretend we've opened the CSV file in Excel and it looks like this:

Highlight all the information and choose Copy from the Edit menu.


In Driver Planner click the Import / Sync in the Attendees area. The Import window will open and your previous settings will be remembered. Click Read Attendee Details from Clipboard. If your data is in the correct format you should see a box like this:

Hopefully the data you've copied includes a Header Row on the first line which tells you the names of the fields. This makes identifying each field easier but if it's missing don't worry. Work your way through the drop-lists choosing a field from each one which is closest to matching the required information. You will see your changes reflected in the "Preview of..." area. Below you will see that we've matched the fields up from our sample data:

Use the and buttons to preview each record.
If the Christian names and Surnames are in separate columns you can concatenate them using the Name drop-lists; choose the Christian name field from the first drop-list and the Surname field from the second drop-list.
When you're happy with the preview of your data, click Import / Synchronise and the following box will appear:

Choose OK to import the database.
Newly-imported attendees will have a icon next to them indicating that you need to specify how frequently they will be attending.


It's always preferable to have one central database where changes are made and Driver Planner helps in this respect by allowing you to import the same data repeatedly from your 'master database' but using a "Key field" to work out who is a new person and who is an existing person. This Key Field should never change even if everything else to do with a person changes - information such as a Social Security number, National Insurance number, NHS patient number - these will not change even if a person's name changes. If your database does not have this kind of information then synchronisation cannot be guaranteed to work but you could try using another field which is unique and unlikely to change such as e-mail address.
If we try to import our original database a second time the following message will appear:

Driver Planner has recognised that the source data contains no new Attendees, just updates to three existing ones.

Importing Drivers

Importing Drivers works in the same way as Attendees although there are fewer fields to match up.

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