About the Developer

Driver Planner was written and developed by a professional software developer with over 25 years of programming experience. I take great pride in the software which I produce and I am usually able to respond to questions and suggestions within a few hours.

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If Driver Planner doesn't quite meet your requirements, let me know what you'd like it to do and I'll see if it's feasible. Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch.

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Contacting the Developer

Please feel free to contact me using any of the methods below.

Email: support@driverplanner.com E-Mail me for help with any aspect of using the software or if you require new features adding to it.

Phone: 01724 XXXXXXIf you decide to purchase Driver Planner my phone number is included in the download link which I will send to you.

Postal AddressDriver Planner
7 Cambridge Avenue
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Support and Updates

When you purchase Driver Planner you will receive free technical support for as long as you require and you're entitled to free updates as they become available.
We will notify you by e-mail when new features are added.


Purchasing Driver Planner entitles you to install it on as many computers as you wish within the same site. If your organisation is located at multiple sites around the country then you require a licence for each site. If your organisation runs out of a single building then you only need one licence.

Order your copy now!

You need to purchase one copy of Driver Planner for each site where it will be installed. There is no limit on the number of users who can use Driver Planner on each site.

Why Choose Driver Planner?

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    It's a Bespoke System

    If you've tried to organise your drivers using a diary - whether software or paper-based - you'll know it's not easy and people can slip through the cracks. Driver Planner has been designed from scratch to solve the problem of allocating drivers to people attending a venue on a regular, recurring basis.

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    It's Easy to Use

    Driver Planner was originally designed for use in a Hospice where the majority of nurses were not confident with computers. I designed the interface to be colour-coded and avoided using graphical toolbar buttons wherever possible in favour of clearly labeled buttons which users could click with confidence.

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    It's Customisable

    Whatever line of business you're in, if it's to do with drivers and rotas then you can customise Driver Planner to suit your existing terminology. After all, users will learn a new software application much faster if it uses terms they're already familiar with.

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    Key Features

    • Organise Drivers or Vehicles, and Attendees
    • Manage up to 32,000 Attendees
    • Clear markings show who needs transport each day
    • Customisable terms and field labels
    • Simple, easy to learn interface
    • Works stand-alone or across a network
    • Produces hard copy reports if required
    • Deals with holidays and days off
    • Read-only mode available for designated users
    • Calculates distances between Drivers and Attendees
    • Import and Synchronise feature for easy admin
    • Perfect for organising regular home vists
    • One licence covers all computers at one location
    • Free support and upgrades

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    "We use Driver Planner every day at Lindsey Lodge. As volunteer co-ordinator it enables me to plan the driver schedules a couple of weeks in advance so that if I'm away it's all organised."
    Susan Houghton, Lindsey Lodge Hospice, Scunthorpe

    "We are a Hospice with Inpatients, Day Therapy patients and patients who use the facilities to access Therapy treatments and doctors appointments. To facilitate the patients access to the Hospice we have two minibuses and a team of 26 volunteer drivers. The organisation of the transport became more time consuming for staff as the Hospice grew. Until we found Driver Planner.
    It has made the allocation and management of patient transport very easy even for staff who have very little IT knowledge. The program is so easy to use and the back-up from Andy has been great. He is always just an e-mail away to assist or tweak the program to our personal requirements. If you want a value for money system of transport management this is the one. When Andy says free help for life he means it, we have just received a FREE updated version of Driver Planner. Highly recommended."

    Paul Coulton, Pendleside Hospice, Burnley