Attendees can have a regular or irregular schedule

How does Driver Planner work?

It's a repeating diary which takes a list of people who attend your organisation, or who are visited by people from your organisation, on a regular basis and works out who will require your services on any given day. Perhaps for some people it's always on a Tuesday, some every other Friday, some on a Monday and Thursday, and some when they feel like it! Driver Planner takes that information and displays it like a diary.

It then takes similar information about your drivers and works out who is available on each day. You can then match up the drivers to the people who require them. Or, if the same drivers usually deal with the same people then Driver Planner can work out most of the rota for you.

Keep track of when drivers are available

Who's available to drive?

Drivers say which days they are usually available, either for the whole day or just mornings or afternoons, and Driver Planner uses this information to work out which drivers are available on any particular day and then matches the drivers to the attendees highlighting those who need to have a driver allocated to them. You can also keep track of each driver's holidays and days off.

Each person has a main address (usually their home) and can optionally have an alternate address such as a work address or relative's address. Driver Planner uses Google Maps to show you exactly where a person (or driver) lives so that you can find a driver who doesn't live too far away from the people which they will be visiting - petrol isn't getting any cheaper!

See who's attending and who's available to drive each day

Don't just take our word for it...

"It has made the allocation and management of patient transport very easy even for staff who have very little IT knowledge. If you want a value for money system of transport management this is the one."
- Paul Coulton, Pendleside Hospice, Burnley

Find out more

A great way to find out more about what Driver Planner can do is to read through the Online User Guide. It's got lots of screenshots and practical examples of Driver Planner in use.

Bringing it All Together

The Diary area shows you at a glance who will be attending or who needs a visit, and which of your drivers are scheduled to be available. Colour coding is used to indicate how often people use your services, and special needs or requirements (which can be customised) are also included in the list.

Warning symbols clearly indicate who requires a driver allocating to them, and telephone icons next to drivers indicate whether or not they have been notified about who they are visiting.

Moving attendees and drivers onto other dates is just a right-click away, perfect for dealing with public holidays and unexpected changes in demand. These one-off alterations don't affect a person's regular schedule.

Prefer working from paper?

Once you've worked out your schedule for the week you can print it out if your staff prefer working from paper. Driver Planner does all the hard work but in the real world people still prefer writing notes on paper, so Driver Planner can produce a daily rota sheet showing a summary of each day, as well as 'job sheets' for each driver showing the details of who they are collecting or visiting.


Of course! Click here to download a free Trial Version of Driver Planner which has all the functionality of the full version except it doesn't save the database at the end of each session.


Definitely! You need to purchase one copy of Driver Planner for each site where it will be installed. There is no limit on the number of users who can use Driver Planner on each site.